Goodbye 2018.

Hand drawn lettering greeting card with calligraphy for 2018 Happy New Year

It’s with a very happy heart I say goodbye to this year. I couldn’t wait for it to be over and I can hardly handle the fact there is 3 more days still to go.  It’s been a relentless year, and in spite of starting it out with a hopeful list of goals, I don’t think I’ve ever felt less achieved than I have this entire year.

Here’s a refresher of the list of goals I made…


And I can now officially reveal, I can tick two of these things off, and one not even very successfully. Actually, graduating is the only thing I achieved all year. And sure it’s a big achievement, but I’ve really not done anything I’m proud of since, and it doesn’t feel good. I thought this year would be full of great things for me, but it really has not, and sure a lot of that is 100% on me. Next year I’d like to change that. In the next couple of days I will likely post a list of goals for 2019, and I’d really like to change my attitude next year, and hopefully do more with myself, and make myself a better version of me. Live my best life and all that.

Also, this month I posted a small list of just December goals, which also didn’t go so well. I did complete my secret present mission though… And that took me quite a long time. I did not write a Christmas story. I did read a Christmas carol, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. And the last thing I wanted to do was have a good Christmas, and I did have a good Christmas, however I have been pretty unwell over Christmas and struggling to speak, so that ‘s been a bit of a downer.

Not sure if I will continue this monthly goal thing next year, what are your thoughts? If you’ve ever done something similar, let me know how it’s worked out for you. I do like the thought of making yearly ones and it’s something I’ve done the past few years, it’s nice to be able to tick things off it.



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